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cake_fic's Journal

Cake....the saga continues....
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We [remember_nomore & gwyddfid] have decided to convert __cake__ into a full fledged fic and continue the saga that we have come to know so well.

__cake__ started as a little fic and grew into a verse that neither of us ever realized ever existed. We hope that you enjoy this journey as we enjoy telling it.

Beginning of season 6, Willow does the spell to bring Buffy back, only this time it fails - killing Willow in the process.
The remaining Scoobies: Xander, Anya, Tara and Dawn must face life without them. Wrapped up in their grief Xander and Anya concentrate on Dawn, who not only lost her sister and friend but also her mother, forgetting about Tara and her grief.

Tara starts spending time with Spike - who seems to be the only one who knows just how she feels - and they become fast friends. Spike being who he is - self proclaimed 'fool for love' - becomes infatuated with Tara. The infatuation turns to love and soon the two of them are in over their heads. Tara is overwelmed by the guilt of her new feeling's while Spike can't and won't let her forget them.

What happens when another player enters the game....Lindsey McDonald...

Beta: The ever amazing strangecreature for her encouragment, understanding and unamountable love for us and this project.

Running Total:
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 21624